amg's perl scripts

Here are some Perl scripts that I've written for my own purposes. They've all been tested and work in a UNIX environment that happens to have a Perl 5 interpreter installed (a lot of them are probably even more backward-compatible than that) and any of the external applications that they may happen to call. I'll be adding to this page as I have time.

Any use of these files or their contents is strictly at your own risk; I'm not responsible for any damage you do to your files. Source) - Script to extract the relaying host from an e-mail message via STDIN and write it to a file of "blocked hosts." Created 06-2000 by Andrew Greenburg <>. Modified 03-2006 by Andrew Greenburg <>. Source) - Simple script to check for words of a certain length starting with a certain letter from the system dictionary file. Pretty silly, actually. Created 10-2000 by Andrew Greenburg <>. Source) - Fun script to generate a password from "random" characters. Passwords generated by this script will be eight characters in length and contain exactly two numeric characters. Created 06-2000 by Andrew Greenburg <>. Modified 02-2001 by Andrew Greenburg <>. Source) - Script to aggregate some statistics about the processes running on the machine. One report groups by user and the other groups by process name. This works in Linux, Mac OS, and probably some BSDs. Sun's ps command is different. Created 03-2006 by Andrew Greenburg <>. Source) - Simple script to rearrange the lines of a text file in "random" order. Created 08-2000 by Andrew Greenburg <>. Updated 05-2002 by Andrew Greenburg <>.

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